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Enghouse’s California solution will translate well in other U.S. markets

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Smart Ticketing Solutions

Awarded to provide software solutions to enable California’s Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP), Enghouse Transportation is well-positioned to assist other transit agencies in adopting open-loop transit fare payment systems throughout the nation.

Open-loop systems allow transit riders to pay their fares using bank cards or mobile wallets instead of transit agency fare cards.

There are clear advantages to the Cal-ITP:


Enables open-loop contactless payments and eliminates the need for smart card issuance. Helps reduce infrastructure and life-cycle costs.

Automates rider discounts and gives transit riders the freedom of using the same bank card or mobile wallet on transit that they use for everyday expenditures.

Standardizes trip planning by adopting global standards for publishing real-time transit information.

Creates the potential for universal transit payments across jurisdictional boundaries.

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