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Toofan Otaredian
Managing Director,
Enghouse Transportation.

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With over 30 years of experience in the transit and telecommunications industries, Toofan has been managing national programs to roll out ticketing and fare collection ecosystems with complex closed-loop and open-loop schemes.

Unlocking the Potential of Transit With a Modern Fare Collection System

Overcome Your Biggest Operational Challenges with AFC

Enghouse Transportation open-architecture, future-proof, smart ticketing system can support spontaneous travel, aid integration and better meet passenger expectations.

Jeff and Toofan are hosting one-on-one discovery calls with operators who want to learn more about Automated Fare Collection Systems.

Jeff Glatus
National Sales Manager,
Enghouse Transportation.

Jeff has built his career around helping U.S. transit agencies and commercial vehicle fleets discover and implement technology solutions that have increased revenue, improved safety and enhanced customer service. He’s helped customers reduce costs and find funding.